Xencom Green Energy is an independent energy solutions company that was formed to help our customers with energy conservation issues and to take advantage of new opportunities in energy markets. We have provided many related services through Xencom Energy Management for the past 25 years but have formed Xencom Green Energy to focus specifically on the following areas:


  • Energy procurement – Gas & Electric
  • Aggregation
  • Utility auditing services
  • Utility rebates and incentives
  • Curtailment & Demand Response Programs
  • Real Time Metering & Billing
  • Renewable Energy
  • LED Lighting retrofits and upgrades
  • Carbon Foot Printing

For more information please contact Brian Cross at 469.429.1111 or at Brian.Cross@Xencom.com.

The Procurement Process

Xencom will first analyze the variables that will effect the price of electricity or gas which include:

•Location •Natural gas pricing
•Load shape/profile and/or service class •Contract volume
•Term •Market timing
•Customer credit / bill payment record •Predictability of usage
•Level of service •Price structure

With this information Xencom will put the energy out to bid to all of the competitive providers in that market to negotiate pricing structures and contract language.  When the lowest rate is identified and the timing is right in the marketplace Xencom will provide the final analysis and contracts so you can optimize your electricity/gas cost strategy going forward.

The map below shows states that are available for these procurement services.

Dereg States

Source: Energy Information Administration